General Plumbing

Power Flushing— A power flush service will help you avoid the cold spots on your radiators which are commonly associated with sludge and debris build up. There are a number of factors that can affect the heat circulation and distribution within your property. It is important that you have the correct size radiator installed for the room. A build up of sludge and limescale over time can block your radiators and clog your central heating system.

Bathroom Repairs – Dripping or leaking taps can be more than an annoyance, they can also lead to further problems including damage to your property. Our plumber can attend and diagnose what is causing the drip or leak and then carry out the repair to prevent this happening in the future. Where we are unable to repair the tap, or it is uneconomical to do so, we can advise a cost of a tap replacement.

We provide all manner of toilet related repairs and replacements, so whether you are looking for a quick fix, or full toilet replacement, look no further. We provide a professional sealing service to ensure you will have no trouble in the future. Our expert technicians know exactly how to apply sealant including sealant against grout stains, application of water resistance sealants around baths and shower trays, and resealing of existing tiles and grout.

Some of the most common bathroom plumbing repairs that we can help with are leaking waste pipes, leaking overflows, shower not working, leaking water pipes, and dripping or loose taps.